Don’t you want to ensure your wishes are carried out?

Making a will and planning what happens to your property after you have gone, is one of the most important legal acts that you will undertake in your lifetime. Without careful planning you will have no say in how your assets are distributed.

Planning what happens to your estate is not simply a matter of you making a will. There are many matters to be considered not the least being the taxation implications of the directions you make in your will. The lawyers at Property Law & More will provide you with up-to-date advice as to how you should prepare your will to ensure that the gifts you make in your will are properly transmitted without creating unforeseen problems to the receiver. There is no point in making a gift, which results in the Tax Office also receiving a gift because of the lack of careful planning. Careful planning also avoids the possibility of a challenge to your will.

Property Law & More can provide advice on wills, powers of attorney, guardianship appointments and all aspects of estate planning including rural intergenerational transfers, testamentary trusts, company trusts, superannuation and succession planning.


Making Your Own Will

Making your own will without careful consideration and proper advice may cause your will to be invalid because the many legal requirements which must be followed, have not been considered. An invalid will could result in your property being distributed in a way you did not envisage or would not have approved. You may end up having no control who receives your assets or who distributes them. The only way to be sure that your wishes are carried-out is to ensure that your will is prepared in accordance with legal principles.

Wills prepared by the Public Trustee or Trustee Companies are not "free". Wills prepared by these organisations usually include the appointment of the Public Trustee or the Trustee Company as Executor with the right to charge a commission based on the value of your estate. This is often an expensive option, one which you may not have considered at the time of making the will.



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