With the growth in Australia’s ageing population, has come a growing need for legal services and expertise that is specifically tailored.

Areas of particular importance include estate planning, preparing a will and the appointment of alternate decision makers in the event of incapacity; superannuation disputes, contractual advice relating to accommodation, including retirement or nursing homes and advice relating to disputes, abuse or discrimination and personal incidents.

To enable our ageing population and their families to plan for retirement in such a way that enhances the quality of life, promotes dignity, and independence.

The legal issues surrounding the decisions to be made by and about the ageing and elderly are complex and require a law firm with expertise and experience in this area of law. Our team can provide you with friendly, clear and personalised advice that is tailored specifically to your family’s situation. We can provide you and your family with the assistance you need to be able to make informed decisions that relate directly to your particular needs.


What areas of Elder Law can Property Law & More assist with?

Financial Abuse of the Elderly

Estate Planning & Asset Protection (Protect Your Assets)

The preparation of Wills, Enduring Guardian & Enduring Power of Attorney documents

Superannuation Entitlement Claims

Probate & Administration of Estates

Estate Disputes

Advance Medical Directives

Guardianship Tribunal Matters

Family Law (Grandparents Access to Kids)

Retirement Village Entry (Residential Aged Care Facilities Entry, Legal Advice & Contracts)

Retirement Villages & Residential Aged Care Facilities



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