We can provide advice to both employers and employees in matters relating to retrenchments, dismissals, avoiding unfair dismissal claims and general employment matters.

It is important when employers are restructuring or making any major decision in relation to employment that they obtain appropriate and timely advice.

The team at Property Law & More will identify the important issues that employers and employees should consider when making important decisions about employment.


The introduction of the Fair Work Australia legislation has brought significant changes to the regulations governing the work place, which affect such issues as:

The Australian Fair Pay and Conditions Standard including, minimum rates of pay and hours worked and the National Employment Standards.

Workplace Agreements.

Record keeping obligations.

Australian Work Place Agreements.

Termination of employment including unfair dismissal and unlawful dismissal.

Employees entitlements including annual leave, sick leave, personal or carer’s leave, parental or maternity leave.

Independent Contactors

Property Law & More can provide timely advice in dealing with the new laws before they become an issue in the work place.



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